Seaview in Paradise

The property boasts a covered outdoor dining area, complete with barbecue area and breathtaking panoramic views, where you can relax, eat and drink, embraced by the natural breeze.

Another highlight of this oasis is the private infinity pool. As you slip into the crystal-clear water, it feels like you’re merging between the boundless expanse of the sea and the vastness of the sky.

As the sun sets and darkness falls upon the lush garden, the soft lighting creates an inviting ambiance that allows the shadows to come alive.

In conclusion, this lush open-air retreat of the luxurious tropical garden and these natural rocks
offers an enchanting experience for all, every corner has been meticulously designed to create an atmosphere that exudes peace and serenity, it is a true testament to the artistic design.

For your pleasure

  • Swimming pool with salt system (1.5¬†deep)
  • Different chill-out spaces and terraces
  • Private
  • High quality comfortable lounge chair

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